16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill


Improve your interior decor with low maintenance greenery. {Photo: Noom Peerapong}

Loving plants but hating maintenance. An intricate feeling combination often discovered in our chaotic world. Happily, there are options , a greenery enthusiast can adopt plants with easy maintenance on which your only concern would often be over-watering. Sounds easy enough?
If you`re going for it please take caution at what your purchase, make sure you search the botanical name, mentioned first below, and common name alike; varieties can behave differently. To ensure the success of your future small indoor garden we have mentioned the light needs of each plants, a very important aspect for your Easy-Maintenance Houseplants, pay attention to it.
These are really low maintenance, follow the simple steps and you`ll never manage to kill them.

Sansevieria trifasciata – Mother-in-law`s Tongue or Snake Plant


16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill snake-plant.jpg.838x0_q80

Sansevieria trifasciata goes usually by snake plant but the very funny Mother-in-law’s Tongue summons it as well.

Low Lighting Needs

It would be sad not to have this plant in your home, it is a classic addition and a great conversation starter thanks to its funny name. Make sure that you choose the right recipient to grow the snake plant, it requires a medium sized pot, nothing giant, nothing small.

Chamaedorea elegans – Parlor Palm or Neanthe Bella

16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill parlor-palm.jpg.838x0_q80

Chamaedorea elegans is also entitled the Parlor Palm and is known to grow several feet in height {Photo: lukestehr}

Low Lighting Needs

Neanthe Bella is popular thanks to its size as it`s one of the few large houseplants that reaches a few feet tall. A beautiful plant with a vivid bright green offering great texture. If you have an empty corner to emphasize, this is the plant to choose, it will change your decor beautifully.

Chlorophytum comosum – Spider Plant

16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill spider-plant.jpg.838x0_q80

The spider plant is a popular plant that grows outdoors in warm climates. {Photo: Ronnachai Palas}

Medium Lighting Needs

A very common plant world-wide, often found outdoors in warm regions around the globe; a very sturdy thriving plant indoors. It originates from South Africa and it can survive without water for long periods of time.

Ficus elastica ‘Decora’ – Rubber Plant


Over-watering your ficus is the only problem you may have. A very beautiful lush resilient plant it is.{Photo: Vasilyev}

Medium Lighting Needs

Ficus trees can reach a staggering beyond 50 feet in their natural habitat, outdoors. Indoors your only concern is overwatering, this will cause the leaves to fall off, do not make this mistake. It is recommended to start with a tiny tiny rubber plant and watch it grow over the years, purchasing a large one directly ruins the beautiful growth process and your learning curve.

Schlumbergera bridgesii – Christmas Cactus

christmas-cactus 16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill.jpg.838x0_q80

It carries many names; it is knows as Thanksgiving Cactus, Easter Cactus and Christmas Cactus. {Photo: Hans Enderle/flickr}

High Lighting Needs

This beautiful plant is known to have a good longevity and it`s being passed from one generation to another; it carries multiple names like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Cactus. The blossom of the plant contains mesmerizing tones of pink, orange and white around the holidays, many state that it is really difficult for it to rebloom in the following years. Worry not though, this plant behavior’s is very much related with its light/dark cycle needs; it needs uninterrupted dark periods each night, 12 hours are recommended. In theory if you start this treatment during fall you`ll have blossoms on your plant in time for Christmas. Note that its beautiful foliage makes it a great planting to have in your home whether it blossoms or not.

Codiaeum variegatum – Croton

croton-houseplant 16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill.jpg.838x0_q80

The foliage of the Croton speaks for itself, a beautiful statement of color and joy. {Photo: Paul Latham}

High Lighting Needs

Considered one of the most beautiful houseplants in the world, the Croton features a foliage of extraordinary values, permanently boosting beautiful vivid colors in its ambiance, lime green, bright orange, deep purple and fluorescent red are colors of a rare beauty on house plants. Take note that when you first install this plant in a new home, lots of leaves may fall, this is a normal behavior that your mast simple forge through, it adapts to its environment and it will have a long, beautiful colorful life.

Tillandsia – Air Plant

air-plant.16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Killjpg.838x0_q80

A sculptural beautiful presence that does not require soil. Magnificent. {Photo: Piti Tan}

High Lighting Needs

Air plants do exist, worry not, you will be amazed of their immense beauty, they don`t need soil so all their presence is sculptural and highly graphic. They`re featured as indoor plants mainly in glass containers or simply places on a bed of feng shui rocks, petite miniature varieties can even be nestled in simple and beautiful necklaces. You need to mist them a couple of times a week to keep them alive.

Zamioculcas Zamifolia – ZZ Plant or the Eternity Plant

16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill zz-plant-eternity-plant.jpg.838x0_q80

The beautiful eternity plant is relatively new and as a result, still difficult to find but very easy to grow. {dugwy39}

Medium Lighting Needs

The plant surfaced the houseplant market around the 1990s and  its relative new presence makes it difficult to find it. Its low maintenance attributes make it an ideal fit in any home decor; the powerful green color and texture of the leaves is also very much appreciated.

Dracaena – Dracaena

dracanea-plant 16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill.jpg.838x0_q80

Good drainage is all this plant needs, pay great attention to this aspect in the beginning and you are good to go. {Photo: Shebeko}

Medium Lighting Needs

Dracaena is a very common houseplant among enthusiasts; you can find it easily and grow it even easier, all you need for it is good drainage; their unique intricate patterned foliage is very much appreciated.

 Epipremnum aureum – Photos


The beautiful vivid photos can be grown pretty much anywhere in the world. {Photo: Chayatorn Laorattanavech}

Medium Lighting Needs

Happily this joyful and vivid plant can grow anywhere, it has been around for a good amount of time and is known to be underrated despite its versatility.

Hedera helix – English Ivy

english-ivy 16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill.jpg.838x0_q80

A very common plant, the English Ivy is very resilient and it can thrive even from a small clipping. {Photo: Cristina/flickr)

High Lighting Needs

The English Ivy is know worldwide, it appears in many movie setups and sceneries, being very much present everywhere around the world. It can be easily obtained, all you need is a small cutting from another plant, root it in soil directly and beautify your setting. A very simple and inexpensive way to gain a plant.

The Garden Issue Hint –  Once you have your own mature English Ivy multiply it and prepare beautiful green meaningful and inexpensive gifts for your friends and family, a very useful and thoughtful diy plant gift.

Crassula argentea – Jade Plant

16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill jade-plant.jpg.838x0_q80

The jade plant supposedly brings luck and fortune to its owner, it also known as the money plant. {Photo: fisher}

High Lighting Needs

Very lush and beautiful, the jade plant has been around for decades being often referred to as the money plant, title that should not be confused with the money tree houseplant, botanica name Pachira aquatica. The jade plant has thick succulent like leaves and its resilience is recommending it to beginners. This plant as well would make a great DIY gift especially as it`s advertised as a plant that brings you both luck and wealth.

Spathiphyllum wallisii –  Peace Lily

16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill peace-lily.jpg.838x0_q80

A very beautiful and sculptural known well for its bloom-like bracts.. {Photo: kaidevil}

Low Lighting Needs

Thanks to its really unique bloom, the Peace Lily is one of the most popular houseplants to gift, it is also known as a very easy to grow plant. The so called bloom is actually not a bloom at all, it`s entitled bract and they look very much like flowers. Over-watering the peace lily is the only mistake that should be avoided.

Hoya carnosa – Wax Plant

16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill wax-plant.jpg.838x0_q80

Small little flowers are produced by the Wax Plant, immense beauty cast upon the world. {Photo: Chad Zube}

The wax plant produces cute little flower blooms. (Photo: Chad Zuber/Shutterstock)

High Lighting Needs

This is a very easy to grow plant, it grows really slowly and is technically a vine. The flowers produced are simply splendid, elegant, star-shaped flowers. The name comes off the leaves and flowers, both being waxy in texture. This is a very safe plant for beginners and it will remain in your household for years, a beautiful elegant plant.

Nephrolepsis exaltata – Boston fern

boston-fern 16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill.jpg.838x0_q80

A plant with volume and great aesthetic values. {Photo: Stephen Orsillo}

Low Lighting Needs

The Boston Fern has a damaged reputation, being considered by many a little difficult to grow. This is not true, all it needs are appropriate growth conditions. It prefers a cool place with high humidity and indirect light, in these conditions the beautiful plant thrives.

Aloe Barbadensis – Aloe

aloe-plant 16 Easy-Maintenance Houseplants That You Simply Cannot Kill.jpg.838x0_q80

The aloe plants if a very useful plant for home made crafts and recipes. {Photo: successo images}

High Lighting Needs

Part of the succulent family, the beautiful aloe plants never flowers but it still is a very common plant; it improves the indoor air quality and it can be a great plant when they`re mature, you can use it in lots of home made remedies and recipes having extraordinary healing properties, it also easy to grow and it makes a fabulous plant gift for your friends and family.

At a first glance, planting seems hard but don`t you be discouraged, it is far easier than it seems. You just need the right information, the right setup and a little bit of time. What plants do you grow indoors? We would love to hear from you.

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