There are a few things more relaxing than being seated on a porch swing during one lazy, summer afternoon. A swing can make your outdoor space even more inviting. And if you have children, they will definitely welcome having one outside your home.

There are lots of porch swings available in the market that you will definitely have a hard time choosing one for your outdoor space. Here are some of the things you will have to consider in selecting a swing:


There are various styles of porch swings. The most popular may have to be the Adirondack swing, which can work on contemporary or rustic porches. An Adirondack swing has sloping seats and vertically slatted backrests. You can also have a canopy swing, especially if your porch has a limited awning. Classic swings, meanwhile, have a slant back or x-style backing. Porch swing beds, meanwhile, work best for leisure lovers. It has ample lounging room, which makes it ideal for big families. Gliders are recommended if you don’t have a covered porch. It is ideal for patios and apartment balconies. Because there’s no need for installation of any kind, you can place them wherever you want.


Wood is the most common and popular material for porch swings. Among the wood types, cedar is the most recommended for areas that have erratic weather. For mild climates, you can opt for oak and pine. Porch swings may also be made of recycled plastic or metal.


The ideal swing set is easy to clean, with a mild soap and water bath enough to keep its pristine look.



If you’re looking for a good cedar swing set, consider getting this 4 feet Adirondack swing from All Things Cedar. All Things Cedar is a Canadian company that was founded in June 1998. It manufactures cedar patio furniture, and imports teak patio furniture from Indonesia.


There are many benefits you will get from having an Adirondack swing set in your patio. One is that you, your family members and guests will find it very comfortable, thanks to its extra wide armrests. Moreover, the swing evenly spreads your weight throughout our upper legs and back as you lean back. It is far more comfortable than say, sitting perfectly upright because all your weight is on your rear. This swing is made of western red cedar. It is a naturally strong, beautiful, and durable material.

In terms of aesthetics, western red cedar boasts of rich tones making this swing ideal for both indoors and outdoor use. It can also be placed in any patio regardless of its theme—rustic, natural, or contemporary.

This swing is also stable because the material it is made of can resist warping, cupping, and twisting. You can also be assured of the durability of this swing because western red cedar has the ability to resist termites, as well as moisture and decay. This type of softwood is also a much solid choice than other materials typically used for swings like steel and recycled plastic because it can adjust to seasonal changes. It is cool in summer but warm in winter.

The swing, too, won’t make squeals at all. You won’t be bothered by any noise whoever is on this swing set. This is an excellent Pergola swing set that you can place in your backyard. Not only would it be a focal point in your garden, but also gives your yard an extra place to lounge.


However, there are also some inherent disadvantages of owning this porch swing. One is that the material from which it is made of is particularly attractive to birds like sapsuckers and woodpeckers. If these birds frequent your area, then you might see them pecking the swing set.

Also, there are complaints that this Western red cedar swing kit doesn’t have pilot holes drilled in support bars, which can make installation quite difficult.


For a relatively affordable price as well as the inherent advantages of cedar swing sets, those disadvantages would appear minuscule.  This 4ft. cedar Adironrack swing from All Things Cedar could be the swing set that you need to make your porch even more inviting.


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