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The Ultimate Guide on Pergolas – Pergola Kits and Pergola Designs

A pergola is an outdoor structure that usually consists of four columns or posts that support a ceiling built out of slats or beams. Unlike other outdoor structures, a pergola doesn’t have walls so the sides are exposed. The basic pergola is rectangular or square, but they can assume other shapes as well. It is the versatility of the pergola that has made it popular among a lot of people today. A ...

What is a Pergola ? Pergola Defined -Design Ideas- Q&A

The pergola definition summons an outdoor frame structure into the picture; the structure is realized commonly out of wood and more recently powder-coated metal and in its usual setup includes posts with a roof or arch, ensemble designed to support vines. Pergola designs highly variate from setup to setup, the roofing grid can be both covered and opened as to protect one from the elements by creat...

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