Do you have a nice flat surface in your garden where you can put in a few pieces of outdoor furniture? If that’s the case, then you need a pergola to define the space well. And if you want an undoubtedly elegant addition to your garden, you should really consider the Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola. This simple structure goes well with any garden, and with just about any type of home. It has the rustic charm that complements traditional cottages, and yet its geometric shapes and straight lines fit on with modern houses too.

Features of the Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola


Here are some features that of the Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola which makes it a worthy addition to any garden or home:

  • It’s made from 100% cedar. It comes with four upright posts that measure 5.5 inches on each side.
  • The posts are securely anchored whether on the ground or on your patio. There’s also a clever use of decorative foot covers that hide the anchors from view, so that it seems as if it just grew from the ground.
  • The sculpted beams are also laid out in a crisscross pattern. This arrangement makes it even stronger, plus it also puts in some pizzazz to its look. In addition, the posts are reinforced with diagonal braces too.
  • The space covered by the lattice roof measures 10 by 10 feet, although there’s a bigger 10 x 12 pergola version if you have the room to spare. Inside this smaller 10 x 10 pergola version, the inside space measures 7 by 7 feet for an intimate gathering. The headroom measures 6 feet 7 inches, so most people who aren’t professional basketball players can stand inside comfortably.
  • These cedar pergola kits are easy enough to assemble, although “easy” does have different meanings to different people. One customer reported that it took him only 4 hours to do alone, while another recommended that it’s at least a 2-man job and having 3 men work at it is an even better option. You may also just want to pay a couple of handymen to do the job for you—one customer who took this route said that it took his 2 handymen 6 hours. Or you can take your time and do it over a few days so you can really understand the cedar pergola plans.
  • You may want to apply some wood stain to the red cedar pergola. You have several pergola treatment options available. You can use clear sealants which preserves the original look, although this will have to be done annually. Or you can darken it a bit with semi-transparent sealant for better protection, and you’ll only need to do this every 2 years.
  • The precise cedar pergola costs may vary depending on the seller and the delivery charges. But this is one of the more affordable options, as you can find some sellers online offering it for less than $1,400.
  • Despite the affordable costs, there’s also a 1-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects on the various parts. And there’s a 5-year pro-rated warranty on the wood, for decay and

Benefits of the Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola

Let’s now pinpoint just how you can benefit from the Backyard Discovery:

  1. It’s affordable. Isn’t it frustrating when you see something nice, and then you find out that it’s not quite going to fit in your budget? That’s not exactly how it works with this particular pergola. It’s a good rule to set aside at least $2,000 for your cedar pergola costs, and from some sellers that may not even suffice. But if you’ve saved that much money, then after all has been tallied you’re likely to end up with a large chunk of change left over. That’s even if you have to pay for some people to assemble it for you.
  2. It increases the value of your home. It’s probably one of the best investments you can ever do for your house, because a pergola can really make your house more attractive to prospective buyers. This Backyard Discovery pergola is utterly charming, without seeming too unique that it only appeals to a small select group of people. In the second-hand car market, customized additions such as a different color can devalue a car. But this one enhances your home’s value.  Buyers will remember it better because of the pergola, and they’re more likely to put in a better offer.
  3. It defines a space in your garden or backyard. Where do you family members and guests want to gather outside your home and in your garden? This pergola signals the best space you have in your garden. It gives the feeling of an outdoor “room”, except it is airy and without walls. You can put in some outdoor benches and a small table, and your friends can just chill out in the space. The lattice roof lets you enjoy a bit of sunshine, as well as the sight of the stars at night.
  4. It offers a very interesting look. The wood itself feels just right in the garden. It offers a very natural vibe, and at the same time the straight lines provide a sense of order. And the shadows it creates as the sun moves across the sky can offer enchanting images and photos.
  5. It’s just plain beautiful. There’s nothing garish or gaudy about its appeal. Its design seems simple enough, but its simplicity offers a sort of elegance that’s very hard to deny.
  6. It can be customized very easily. It looks good as is, but you can change it up easily. At night, you can string it up with Christmas lights, or hang a lantern up on the lattice roof. You want some privacy? Just attach some lattice walls along the posts. Such covers can also cover up sights you don’t exactly want to see, such as the garbage at your neighbor’s place. This can be quite a handy addition when prospective buyers hangout at this place.
  7. It can also offer some shade and cover over the area. You can do this with a simple canopy or canvas over the roof. This will have to be an extra purchase, but such a cover is usually very affordable, and it’s detachable too. Or you can have some vines and flowers climbing along the posts and into the lattice roof. This may take an entire planting season, but you can eventually have some natural cover from the sun if you want.
  8. It can last for a very long while. This western red cedar pergola is naturally resistant to decay and rot, which is why the manufacturer feels confident enough to offer a 5-year warranty for these things. The wood is quite sturdy and the design is very secure.
  9. It’s not too hard to assemble. This is of course debatable, but then this is the consensus judgment of the majority of customer reviews online. It may not be exactly easy—you’ll need some help, and the better part of a day—but it’s not difficult.
  10. It doesn’t need all that much maintenance. Perhaps you can just reapply the wood stain every year or so. They’re not like metal pergolas which may rust after a few years of rainfalls.
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Final Verdict

This 10 x 10 pergola may seem to add more space to your property, even though the structure doesn’t come with walls. But it designs a space very well, so it can seem to extend your home when you use it on a patio. It can give the impression of a very airy room, when you install it in your garden.

Real estate agents love this thing because many potential buyers like to imagine themselves living in a prospective house. And many of them will certainly imagine enjoying themselves staying in this bit of outdoor space. Maybe they’re flower fans and they want their choice of plants climbing along the posts. Perhaps they see themselves relaxing in this very spot with a book and a drink, or cuddling with a romantic partner. Or perhaps they see themselves having fun with friends, enjoying coffee or drinks under the stars while a lantern and some tiny lights illuminating the space.

But why wait to have this done, and be enjoyed by buyers? Why shouldn’t you get to enjoy this space as well? After all, it doesn’t take much of a sacrifice from you. The costs and the assembly don’t really make it impossible for you to obtain. This place can be a sanctuary from indoor walls and TV screens, as you’re surrounded by plants and cool air, and the sun or the stars above you. As you can probably imagine, such a place can become the favorite hangout of your family, and it offers a personality to your property that no other accessory can provide. So get the Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola for your home and for your family. Whether it’s for your pleasure or as an investment, it’s a worthy addition to your home and garden.

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