New England Arbors is known for their quality garden furniture, and the New England pergola Mirage is one of their best efforts yet. There is no shortage FOR arbors and pergolas on the Internet, but this one is hard to beat when it comes to features and style. It isn’t the cheapest pergola, but if you’re not willing to compromise when it comes to quality, this is worth it.



One of the first things you will notice with the Mirage is the solid built. Like other kits there is some assembly required, but the instructions are detailed and they are easy to follow. The entire unit is constructed from top quality vinyl so there’s no need to worry about maintenance: once you have set up the Mirage it’ll be ready to use. The only maintenance that will be required here is to hose the Mirage to get rid of dirt.


Not all pergolas are built the same: the may look alike in some ways, but the difference is in the construction, how easy it is to set up and how long they last. This is where the Mirage pergola is ahead of the rest because it is constructed from the highest quality vinyl and use hi-grade polymers. These polymers are molded around traditional elements that allow it to simulate the appearance of other materials (i.e. wood) without the difficulties that come with it.

In other words, the Mirage has a natural look and feel to it but lasts much longer and doesn’t require any maintenance. Because the Mirage pergola is solidly built, you don’t have to be concerned about how long it’s going to last and if you need to apply a retouch or paint job every few months. Those are not necessary with the Mirage.



Like any other 7×7 vinyl pergola, the Mirage needs to be assembled out of the box. You will need a measuring tape, ladder, level and a drill. For the quickest assembly time, two people should work on it. If you want to install the Mirage pergola on a concrete patio or wood deck, you may purchase the Bolt Down Bracket System (sold separately).

If you want to install the Mirage pergola in-ground, you have the option of extending the posts using lumber wood inserts that have been pressure treated. You can buy these inserts in your local hardware store, and the instructions provided with the Mirage explain how to do this.

Keep in mind that these purchases are only optional: you don’t have to go buy them if you don’t want to as all the components are included. Bottom line: installation of the Mirage is straightforward and easy.

One of the reasons why some people still haven’t gotten a pergola is the fear that it’s going to take too long to build and only experts can handle it. However that is not the case with the Mirage. The key here is to follow the instructions and have someone to help you out. It does take time yes, but that is to be expected when you’re putting together a pergola of this size. And when it’s done, you don’t have to do any more tweaking or adjusting.


Why Buy the Mirage Pergola?

There are a lot of reasons to buy the Mirage as has been pointed out above, but just to give you a few more.

  • Classic Look: the Mirage has that classic New England architecture look, yet the style is versatile enough to fit different garden or backyard motifs.
  • Generous Size: there is plenty of space inside the Mirage for you and your friends, and unlike other arbors, it’s not going to get ramped.
  • Durable: we mentioned earlier that the Mirage pergola is low maintenance, and that is true. However there is more to it than that as the Mirage is also built to last. The Mirage pergola comes with a 20 year warranty, and this warranty guarantees the pergola will be free from rotting, fading, yellowing and cracking.
  • Cost effective: there is no need to buy paint or stain: just wash with a garden hose and you’re done. Because the Mirage is made from the highest quality premium PVC vinyl, it is 100% resistant to insects.
  • Feel and Look: the PVC gives the Mirage a striking appearance and more importantly, the material has a special blending of natural wood fiber so it looks just like real wood.
  • The Mirage is a fully functional pergola, and it has an open look that invites you to relax and have fun with friends or family. The pergola is a beautiful complement to your garden and provides shelter from the heat of the sun while giving you the opportunity to relax and savor the breeze.
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Functional and Stylish

The Mirage looks great on its own thanks to the color and built, but it really comes alive when you place it in your garden and add chairs, a couch and a table underneath it. What the Mirage does is make your garden structure livable and provide a focal point, something that you cannot achieve with a deck alone.

The Mirage does a good job in defining space thanks to its roof beams and walls, and if your garden is full of grass, flowers and plants, the Mirage is going to give it more living space. It can be the spot for relaxing, lounging, entertaining guests or just having some quiet time. The Mirage offers you a bit of everything, and there is more privacy here compared to a patio or deck.

A Little Bit of Shade

Pergolas are known for providing shade from the sun and the Mirage is no exception. The roof’s design does exactly that but not to the point you’re completely covered. The Mirage is a good place to hang out during the evenings as well as the openings as its open structure allows you to view the stars and enjoy the breeze. If you’ve been looking for a way to add some privacy and a spot where you can get together with friends, this is it.

Another advantage of the Mirage is you can have it set on a patio or other surface to enhance its appearance and functionality. The Mirage works fine on its own, but if you place it over a deck or other concrete flooring, you further define its space and make your outdoor environment stand out. The Mirage is one of the best pergolas when it comes to defining space, and its open and airy construction doesn’t make the structure feel confined.

For Plants and Flowers

A white vinyl pergola is the perfect place to grow plants, vines and flowers, and the Mirage is certainly up to the task. Whether it’s grapes, ivy, clematis, wisteria, hops or something else, it’s not that difficult to have this pergola surrounded by plants. If space is limited in your yard, the Mirage gives you the opportunity to do vertical gardening.

You can grow plants anywhere in your garden, but a pergola can give you a hand especially when it comes to landscaping, manage climbing flowers and the like. You can use the Mirage to plant and weave vines and plants in the proper place through the beams and supports. Depending on where you installed the pergola and what types of plants you have, you can have climbers hanging from the beams.

Adds Value

Aside from those that have already been mentioned, the Mirage adds value to your home and garden. The initial amount you spend will come back and pay for itself as your property increases in value over time. Even without any chairs or other accessories, the Mirage has a striking appearance and plays a huge part in increasing visual interest in your home.

Style and Functionality

Another thing we can say about the Mirage is that it’s built to last. Fist time buyers of pergolas may think that they all look alike, you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. But that isn’t true at all since these structures differ widely. The Mirage is exceptional because the spacing and the beams provide just the right amount of shade.

The fact that the Mirage doesn’t have a full roof is one of its advantages. Aesthetically it is more pleasing to the eye, and in terms of functionality it helps keep the pergola from feeling locked in. You can always add a fabric or cover over the roof if it rains or the sun’s too bright, but the Mirage is perfect as it is.

The Verdict

The number of affordable vinyl pergola kits has increased over the past few years, but quantity does not equal quality, and it’s hard to find one as good as the Mirage when it comes to build, features and style. Yes there are cheaper pergolas online, but why settle for a low quality garden furniture when you can go for the best? While the Mirage is going too cost more, consider it as an investment and that it’s going to pay off in the future.


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