Steel pergola kits have become common fare, but the quality of these products varies from the exceptional to the poor. One of those that belong to the former is the Steel Pergola Gazebo with Retractable Canopy Shades from Belham Living. The name gives you a pretty good description of what it is, but there is more to this pergola than that.


This steel pergola with canopy measures 12L x 10W x 8H ft., and given these specs is more than enough for a good sized table and several chairs. The highlight here is the canopy of course as you can retract it quickly in case you don’t need to use it. Once the pergola is set though, there probably aren’t a lot of reasons why you will want to retract this, especially not with the footprint as it is only 10L x 8W ft.

The frame is dark brown and built for heavy duty use, and the ivory canopy is as useful as it is stylish. The canopy may look fragile but in fact it’s made of sturdy material and should provide you with protection from the heat and rain. Yes, unlike other pergolas, this product from Belham Living has a solid roof so even if it rains, you won’t get wet.

The corner posts are sturdy and well-built, and they provide just the right amount of support for a solid foundation. If you’ve spent any time shopping for pergolas online, one of the things you will see people do is buy additional weights to fortify the base, but weighing the legs will only be necessary if you set this on a hard surface.

The pergola requires a bit of assembly but instructions are provided so even if you’re a first timer, you’ll know what to do. One more thing needs to be pointed out: this pergola is not meant for permanent stacking on a platform, and you cannot attach this on a concrete surface either. Rather what you do is use the provided stakes to secure the legs on soft terrain.



This steel gazebo kit is also one of the strongest in its class. The dark brown frame is made of solid powder coated steel to ensure it lasts a long time. Whereas other pergolas break down or wear out quickly, this Belham Living pergola does not.

We also need to point out that the roofing is made from 100% polyester, and it is UV resistant as well. What this means is even if you leave the pergola out under the sun, it’s not going to discolor or fade away like other materials. This roof is also weather resistant so whether it’s raining or it’s too hot, this pergola is capable of handling it.  Bottom line: this is a weather and waterproof pergola and is more than capable of meeting your needs, much more so than other steel pergola plans can.

What are the Benefits?

This metal pergola with canopy can provide a lot of benefits, but more than anything else it’s the perfect solution for those times when you want to go out and can’t because it is raining or it’s too hot. Other pergolas can do that, but what makes this different is the retractable canopy: the easy slide mechanism means you’ll be able to implement changes quickly depending on the weather.

This pergola is not the biggest one in the market, but it is sizable enough to entertain guests. The waterproof roofing and the solid frame makes it a good place for social gathering. Socializing can be difficult if the weather is uncooperative, but with this pergola nothing can stop you or your friends from having a good time regardless of the weather.


Why Buy the Steel Pergola Gazebo?

This isn’t built like your typical pergola, but even so it’s capable of providing the benefits you’re looking for. The simple but functional design means you can put plants and flowers around it and make the pergola stand out from the rest. Depending on how you set up your garden, you can have plants climbing around the posts and columns all the way to the top, giving your garden a different look. Some people opt for flowering vines, but whatever you choose, it’s bound to come out all right as this pergola is versatile.

In addition to those however, the Belham Living pergola is built to protect you from the elements. It’s not a secret that a lot of homeowners today opt to go indoors during the summer because the heat is just too much, and that is unfortunate because it can be a lot of fun to go outside. With this pergola however it won’t be an issue anymore since the roofing provides all the protection you need.

The problem with most other pergolas is they fail to find the right balance between providing protection from the heat and making sure you still catch some of the breeze, but the Belham Living pergola does just that. The retractable roof helps too, and because it is solid you don’t have to add a cover.

Another benefit that should not be discounted is its visual and physical impact on your garden visuals. Sometimes even a well-designed garden lacks a focus, and that is where a pergola like this can help. If you’ve got a beautiful garden and want to show it off to your friends, there needs to be a place there where you can interact and relax regardless of the weather. This pergola is just right for such occasions: set it up, put a table under it, add some chairs and it’s all set.



This pergola with retractable shades is deservedly one of the more popular products from Belham Living. With the rise in popularity of gazebos and pergolas, manufacturers have been busy trying to cram in as many features as possible, so it’s good to know there is still a pergola that sticks to the basics and is practical to use.


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