Foods That Make Your Hair Grow

Foods That Make Your Hair Grow – Avocado

The Avocado Fruit is quite an unusual one. If the majority of fruits are mainly composed of carbohydrates, the avocado fruit contains a high amount of healthy fats. The Avocado tree is original from Mexico and Guatemala, with its flower being part from the Lauracee family along side the scented cinnamon. Both the tree and its fruit is edible and highly used in salads and other exotic cuisine dishe...

Top 10 Foods That Make Your Hair Grow

Eating healthy in a world surrounded by daily sweet temptations is a difficult task for every individual, no matter how disciplined one might be. It is in our human nature to yield and succumb to small pleasures without actually taking into account the consequences on our health and future state of mind.But as we tend to discover later on in life, every single decision we make conscious or not wil...

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