Sometimes it’s not enough to just have a nice garden in your spacious backyard. After all the time and effort you’ve expended to make your garden beautiful, it does seem a bit disappointing that you can only enjoy it by gazing at it from your home, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice if you can stay a bit inside the garden? You can relax, enjoy the outdoors, and hang out with friends and family. One terrific way to do that is by installing a cedar pergola. More specifically, you may want to use the 12 x 12 Rough Sawn Select Pergola.

Features of the 12 x 12 Rough Sawn Select Pergola

If budget is your most important factor, then you need to understand right away that this particular model can be very expensive. Most cedar pergola kits have prices ranging from $1,400 to $1,900, but this model from Quality Built Backyards Product can cost up to $2,500. That already covers the shipping cost, but that’s only if you don’t ask for larger custom sizes. For their cedar pergola plans with larger custom sizes, you may have to add another $500 to the cost.

So why is it so expensive? A look at the features may explain the answer:

  • The cedar pergola plans offer a lot of space inside the defined areas it covers. When the cedar pergola kits are fully assembled, you only get a 1-inch overhang on all sides. What that means is that the space inside isn’t reduced, so that you get the full 12 x 12 pergola space. It means more space for outdoor furniture and for more people to gather around.
  • You get all the pieces you need to construct the pergola, including the 8-foot western red cedar posts that measure 6 inches on all sides. For the upper canopy, you get rough sawn White Pine components measuring 2 by 8 inches.
  • You do have the options of upgrading the canopy so that you can have everything made from red cedar, but that will require an additional charge.
  • Some people may also need longer posts because of the high winds in a particular area. For that reason, the posts can be replaced by 10-foot posts that have also been properly cut and coated. This means you can bury up to 2 feet of the posts in the ground for a more secure anchor. This upgrade will cost an additional $300, but for places like Florida it’s a necessity because of the wind codes.
  • Some jurisdictions may require you to get a permit for your pergola, and the manufacturer can also help you with that. They can provide you with drawings that your homeowners’ association or your town council may want to see.
  • The wood pieces of the pergola are finished with a full solid color stain. So you can get the right look you want. You can have a Redwood pergola or a Cedar Tone Pergola. You can also have a Sating White or Oxford Brown Pergola. It all depends on the look of your garden, the color scheme of your outdoor furniture, or even just your own preferences. Some people choose the color in relation to the plants they have clinging to the posts and canopy.
  • Securing all the pieces together is accomplished with high quality hardware. These pieces are designed for heavy duty work, as the wood pieces are certainly heavy (the estimated shipping weight is about a thousand pounds). The attachment pieces are also all galvanized, so that they’re protected against corrosion.
  • The package comes with a nice set of instructions, and they’re not all that hard to understand and follow. The entire assembly process can be completed with just 2 people in about 4 hours.

Benefits of the Rough Sawn Select Pergola

So despite the expense, you may discover that the benefits you get are even more valuable than what you paid out.

  • The western red pergola offers a very rustic appearance that matches any garden. It’s not just attractive. It’s as if somehow it belongs there in the garden. The wood posts seem so natural in its location, and the pergola offers a charm that’s hard to describe but even harder to resist.
  • It’s also great that you have lots of options, so you can replace the white pine upper canopy with cedar and you have your choice of stain colors. That means your pergola can look the way you want it too, and not the way the manufacturer insists on.
  • But that’s just the start of the customization. You can hang potted plants from the lattice canopy. You can use it as a trellis, so that the flowers and vines can grow along the posts. That will make it a more natural part of the garden. What’s more, the vines can occupy the upper canopy, and it can then give you shelter from the summer sun. In fact, in some cases the cover can even protect you from light rain. But for this effect, you may have to wait for an entire plating season.
  • You don’t have to wait for a roof cover, however. The nice thing about the lattice roof is that it can offer you some sunlight and some shade. But if you want protection from the sun, all you need to do is to put up a canvas cover on the canopy, and you’re protected from the sun or from the rain. You can then just as easily remove the canvas at night, and under the pergola you can enjoy the sight of the stars above.
  • The plentiful space inside the defined area of the pergola offers you a lot of options when it comes to furniture. Here you can put in some weatherproof benches and table for your friends and family. Or you can put up a hammock so you can take a nap while you enjoy the breeze.
  • At night, you can hang a lantern from the center of the canopy, or by the posts. You can also have the wood wrapped in Christmas lights for a very festive vibe.
  • The ease of the assembly is also reassuring, because this is by no means common to all commercial pergolas. Other models may require entire days to complete the assembly.
  • Its durability is also comforting. You certainly don’t want to pay such a high price if it won’t last for long! But the cedar wood is nicely resistant to decay and rot, and that’s certainly reinforced by the stain finish. All you need to do is to apply the same quality of finish every couple of years, and you’re okay.
  • It’s also reassuring that the hardware components used to connect the pieces are all high quality and galvanized. Some customers who have bought other pergolas have complained about poor, flimsy hardware components, and they had to buy better quality replacements from their local hardware store. You won’t have to do that here.
  • The anchoring of the posts is also comforting, because you know it will stay in place. The option of planting in 2 feet of the posts into the ground should really keep it protected from strong winds.
  • A place like this can be used to entertain guests, or it can be a favorite hangout for some family members who tire of indoor entertainment. Sometimes it’s just nice to appreciate the outdoors, even if it’s just your garden. The air seems cleaner, it’s cooler in the summer, and you can relax more with the lack of roof and walls.
  • We’ve already mentioned that a pergola can be customized in many ways, but one way is for you to put up a screen on a wall for privacy. This can protect you (and your loved one) from the curious eyes of neighbors. Also, it can keep you from having to gaze upon less appealing sights, like the mess you may find in the backyards of your neighbors.
  • The pergola is one of the best ways to spruce up a piece of property, because they appeal to many prospective home buyers. If they visit 2 very similar homes with gardens, and only your home has a pergola, then chances are that your house is the one they remember and like. That’s especially true if the pergola keeps the unsightly views covered. What’s more, potential buyers are more likely to increase their offers on your house, and the increase in their offers may be much more than the money you spent on the pergola.

Final Verdict

You don’t have to sell your home to get full value from your pergola. It’s a soothing sight to gaze upon from your house, and it makes your garden feel somehow complete. It defines an area where you can relax and entertain. Inside this space, you can enjoy the garden and the outdoors fully. And you can have all these benefits for many years to come. These are the reasons why you should really consider this cedar pergola. Good quality comes at a price, but the benefits you get are all greater in value than the money you’ll dole out.







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