The popularity of the cedar wood pergola has grown a lot over the past few years, and testament to this is the number of pergolas being sold today. One of the most in demand is the Arched Roof Pergola Gazebo from Yardistry, and it does have a striking appearance. But is this pergola worth its price?



As far as arched pergola kits go, the Yardistry is hard to beat. First and foremost, it is made from 100% premium cedar lumber. No composite, synthetic material used here: this is the real deal and you’re getting genuine wood. While the pergola uses classic materials, it sports a stylish modern look that blends in nicely with just about any garden or yard motif.

Other notable features on the pergola are the X designed panels in the corner, the crafting of the plinths and the stylish arched beam that serves as the structure’s focal point.

No matter what design options you pick out, the one thing for certain is that the pergola will expand your living space. No longer do you have to be confined indoors as the Yardistry allows you to set up an outdoor room for your family.



Having a cedar arched pergola provides several benefits, and even more so when it is the Yardistry. Let us take a look at some of the benefits that you will get.

This pergola is suitable for setting up the ideal outdoor living space, or you can use this to add privacy to an outdoor hot tub. The notion of using a pergola for relaxing is nothing new, and any of the Yardistry versions will more than suffice. On the other hand if you want to install a hot tub outside, this pergola is just as effective as it can provide shading. It doesn’t have any walls of course, but it’s easy enough to add wall panels if you want more privacy.

Even if you don’t do a lot of tinkering with the structure, the Yardistry looks great as it is. Whether your garden has a classic look or is more contemporary, the pergola should fit right in.

One of the most frequent complaints with wood pergolas is their high maintenance: you need to constantly watch over them just to make sure they don’t rot or deteriorate due to the changing weather. While that is true for most pergolas, the Yardistry is an exception because the lumber has been treated.

To be more specific, the  cedar components have been pre-stained to such a degree they can withstand the elements and last a long time. The idea you can use a wood pergola for years without any high maintenance sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly what you get with the Yardistry.


Style and Function Combined

Yardistry is known for their stylish pergolas, and this is right up there with their best efforts. While some pergolas opt for the classic or contemporary look, the Yardistry combines them so you get the best of both worlds. One of the more modern features here is the X designed corner panels that complement the roof beams.

The plinths are crafted in the traditional manner yet balance well with the modern aesthetics. It is this blending that gives the pergola its unique look and makes it the ideal choice if you’re into stylish garden structures.

The Yardistry is not just about style however as it is also fully functional. The outer dimension is 12 feet, so that is more than enough for hot tubs, dining, installing furniture sets and more. If you’re looking for a place to entertain guests or your family, this pergola is the ideal solution. This is also perfect if you’re looking for a personal sanctuary where you can just get away from it all.

The functionality of this pergola goes beyond the capabilities of the typical arbor. You could use this structure to improve the view in your garden as well. If there is a structure or view in your garden or in the neighboring property that you don’t like, you can set up the pergola so it becomes your yard’s focal point while drawing attention away from whatever unsightly view you want concealed.


Like the other cedar pergola kits from Yardistry, the lumber is pre-stained, pre-drilled and pre-cut. One of the reasons why some pergolas take too long to set up is the amount of drilling and cutting you need to do, but thankfully that won’t be the case here.

The pergola comes with an instruction manual so you won’t have problems assembling. The instructions are laid out step by step, and the illustrations help clarify a lot of points. As many customers have pointed out, it helps that the kit is ready to assemble and all the required metal components and hardware are included. Does the unit take time to assemble? Yes, but it’s not that difficult if you follow the instructions.

Design Options

If you’ve familiar with cedar pergola plans, you know that pergolas come in different sizes, and this is no exception. Your options are the grey or brown 12×12 arched roof pergola and the 12×14 version, also available in grey and brown.

The 12X12 grey or brown is available in three sizes:

  • 24 ½”L x 15”W x 12 ½”H = 50 pounds
  • 98”L x 15”W x 12 ½”H = 175 pounds
  • 121 ½”L x 15”W x 9 ½”H = 170 pounds

The 12X12 dimensions overall is (L x W X H): 12ft. x 12ft. x 8ft. 2in. Its base dimensions are (L x W): 10ft. x 10ft.

The 12X14 pergolas are available in the following sizes:

  • 06”L x 14”W x 11”H = 177 pounds
  • 97 ½”L x 14”W x 10 ½”H = 170 pounds
  • 120 ½”L x 21 ½”W x 5”H = 138 pounds

The 12X14 overall dimensions is (L x W X H): 12ft. x 14ft. x 8ft. 2in. and the base dimensions are (L x W): 10ft. x 10ft.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can this pergola handle wisteria and other plants?

A: Yes it can. Unlike other pergolas, the Yardistry is constructed from heavy, durable wood.

Q: Are there any replacement parts available?

A: Yes.

Q: Does this pergola provide sufficient shade even when it gets really hot?

A: Yes it does.


This arched roof pergola comes with a 5 year warranty for the wooden part, and there is customer support for questions about the warranty or if you need replacement parts.


Why Buy the Yardistry Pergola?

If you have never purchased a pergola before, you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. We have already outlined some of the reasons why the pergola has become popular with a lot of homeowners, but we want to expound on that some more, and in particular why this Yardistry pergola is perfect for yards.

To put it simply, this pergola will go far in improving your outdoor experience during the summer. Oftentimes summer gets just a bit too hot, and as much as we want to spend time outside, the heat gets to us and we’re forced to go back inside. With this pergola, you now have a place to relax outside without getting burned by the sun.

But even if you don’t need or want shade, the mere presence of this pergola is enough to give your outdoor landscape a makeover. Usually when it comes to landscaping and gardening, there isn’t much you can do except move plants here and there. With the Yardistry pergola, you can use it as the center point for vines, climbing plants and other flowers.

This pergola is well-designed and is instrumental in adding definition to your surroundings. A frequent problem with landscaping is the lack of purpose, and that is where this pergola can help. Once you’ve set it up, the structure serves as the main purpose: you can use the pergola for dining, hot tub or any of the other functions mentioned earlier.

The Yardistry pergola is also one of the most versatile garden furniture options available today. You can install this on a deck or patio or open grass, it’s your choice, but regardless how you choose, it’s all about making the most of the space in your yard.

The Yardistry pergola also gives you the option of enjoying the outdoors whenever you like. If you live in a warm climate, chances are it gets so hot during the day you can’t go out and spend some time outside. Now it’s possible. If you require some privacy, you can add drapes too.


This Arched Roof Pergola Room Kit lives up to the hype and is worth every cent. It is durable, easy to assemble and built to last a long time. The availability of different design options is a plus and the positive feedback it has received from customers is of course a good thing. If you’ve been looking for a high quality pergola, the Yardistry should be on your wishlist.


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